Mesquite Craft Items

Our mesquite craft items are useful, yet beautiful additions to your home and surroundings.

Items for your desktop or workstation, kitchen and dining:

Most of the items below are sold, however we can create a custom piece for you based on any of them.  Naturally, we can’t match the live-edge pieces exactly.

Tissue box, pencil cup and small plant box

Octagonal serving tray

Tea tray

Tissue box and medium plant box

Live edge slab serving tray, coasters and assorted boxes

Live edge serving tray and chopsticks


Live edge slab table and pencil cup

Live edge slab serving tray and medium plant box

Large plant box and salt & pepper shakers

Hand painted native bird on mesquite and boxes

Mesquite side table, framed native bird on mesquite, boxes and business card holder

Framed native birds on mesquite, medium and large boxes

Hand painted native bird on mesquite with cholla cactus accent

Mesquite magazine rack with turquoise inlay

Live edge slab serving tray

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